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Priest-in-Charge, Fr. Michael Guy

Organist, Michael Calhoun

Treasurer, Judy Ball

Altar Guild Director, Barbara Jacobs

Lectors & Acolytes Scheduling, Joy Goodenough

ECW President, Barbara Eanes

ECW Vice President, Marilyn Ottevaere

ECW Secretary, Joy Goodenough

Diocesan Delegate, Bryan Jacobs

Region Delegate, Bryan Jacobs

Weekly Bulletin, Barbara Jacobs

Monthly Grace Notes, Joy Goodenough

Webmaster, Mignonne Spellmeyer


Betsy Anderson, Senior Warden

Barbara Jacobs, Junior Warden

Mignonne Spellmeyer

Howard Charnock

Susan Payne

Sue Ballentine

Diane Gulick, Clerk

Judy Ball, Treasurer

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