Grace Episcopal Church

Reaching the world for Jesus Christ beginning in Casanova

Church Service:

Sunday 10:00 AM Morning Prayer on the lawn

Adult Education:

Suspended due to COVID-19


Church and Family Center

5096 Grace Church Lane,

Midland, VA 22728

Located at the end of Grace Church Lane, off Rogues Road near the 

Fauquier County SPCA.


5108 Weston Rd. Casanova, VA

P.O. Box 18, Casanova, VA 20139


Directions to Grace Church,

5096 Grace Church Lane,

Midland, VA

Directions to Grace Church Parish House, 5108 Weston Rd, Casanova, VA

Join Us!!

With the current COVID-19 restrictions, we are happy to ​announce that Grace has been approved by the Diocese to gather each Sunday. We are meeting at 10AM currently and are worshipping in the Rectory, aka Redlands, yard, weather permitting. Please join us each week as we lift up our prayers to Heaven. All participants must wear face masks/face coverings and maintain separation of 6 ft., but members of the same household may be seated closer together. All participants should bring a lawn chair. Hand sanitizer is available. Services are currently Morning Prayer and will remain so until further notice. Unfortunately, Hymns are not permitted to be sung presently, so certain service elements that are normally sung will be said. No food is served during or after the service, e.g., Coffee Hour. Gathering and conversing after the service is welcomed; however, masks are required, social distancing is maintained, and physical contact is avoided, e.g., hugging. There is a service leaflet available each week and a collection plate in view; however, contributions may be sent electronically from financial institutions or via mail. The mailing address is: Grace Episcopal Church, PO BOX 18, Casanova, VA 20139-0018. Electronic submissions should be sent to Grace Church, c/o Fauquier Bank, 10 Courthouse Square, Warrenton, VA 20186 for account 8501. Please notify the Grace Church Treasurer to ensure that your contribution is correctly associated with the donor. More information on what's happening at Grace may be obtained by clicking on the Newsletter.

Many blessings to you and we hope to see you this Sunday!!!

Vestry, Grace Church


To test your memory and familiarity with all things “Grace,” a photograph of some aspect of Grace Church will appear in a column on Grace Church’s website every Monday for you to do some detective work and identify.

Some of the images in the photographs will be quite easy to identify. They will be labeled “Easy” and display one asterisk to indicate their level of difficulty. Most will require more familiarity with Grace to identify. These will be labeled “Moderate” and display three asterisks to indicate their level of difficulty. There will also be several images that are obscure and especially hard to identity. These will be labeled “Challenging,” and display five asterisks to indicate their level of difficulty.

Visit our website to participate in this photographic exercise. Simply cannot identify the subject of a photograph? If you can, visit Grace to exploratory, investigative work to find the answer. Spend time there. Allow yourself to take in the abundant beauty of everything that is Grace Church. Breathe its restorative fresh air deeply. Take a seat on a stone wall to pray, to be thankful, to meditate, and to just “be.”

Keep track of your score, though. The correct identification of the image posted in Monday will appear on the website the following Friday. Sum up the number of asterisks you have earned. Then come to ten o’clock outdoor services on the grounds of the rectory on Sundays. Once the worship service ends, discuss your identifications with others. Brag about the number of points you have earned so far, and delight in your expanding knowledge of all things Grace.

submitted by Diane Gulick

Monday, October 19, 2020

Photo #2 

Level of Diffculty: Moderate

Monday, October 12, 2020

Photograph #1

Level of Difficulty: ***

ANSWER:  This first photo is one of a cast iron finial that serves as an ornamental fixture on the cast iron fence that encloses part of the Grace Church cemetery.

A “finial” is a decorative element at the top, end, or corner of an object.

As you can see, this one was once painted gold. 

Worship in the midst of COVID-19... 

We especially welcome all newcomers to Grace Church. Our little church has ministered in Christ's name in this place since 1865, and we are eager to share with others our fellowship of love, care, learning, service and prayer.